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Whoohooo, another road trip, this time we bid Brett "Adios" and gathered in Kinross Woolshed for a farewell lunch. My first thought on getting the invite was, "what? We're going to a woolshed? Why why why?"

When we got there, I took one look at the surroundings and I was immediately in love with Kinross Woolshed. It is so Australian and in the country outback and any minute now, I am sure Hugh Jackman is going to wander in, lay down his whip, plonked himself down for a beer.

Hmmm, where is that man? Gahhhh! Oh well, one can only dream. Since there was no Hugh Jackman that arvo, I will settle for a big-assed plate of ribs. Oh, are you allowed to say big ass on a food blog? LOL, I just did.

Let's start with the food porn. I can't tell you what the other dishes taste like but my ribs was superb. It was outstanding. My plate was massive, the meat just fell off the bone, it was so tender. I loved the smokey barbeque sauce and it was served with seasoned wedges and side salad. Salad was impressive, not your usual limpy lettuce and basic tomatoes like some places. I love the mixed greens with different varieties of lettuce, julienne of carrots and cucumber and sprouts with a light tangy dressing.

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Rib & a Bib BBQ Spiced Glazed Pork Ribs Stacked on Seasonal Wedges accompanied by a Side Salad with Bib and Finger Bowl supplied
Rib & a Bib BBQ Spiced Glazed Pork Ribs Stacked on Seasonal Wedges
accompanied by a Side Salad with Bib and Finger Bowl supplied

This place is a must to visit, it has a huge atrium out in the back patio with gorgeous scenery and served a reasonably priced lunchtime menus and Specials. My ribs were $28.00 from Ala Carte Menu and worth every cents. It was lip smacking good! Desserts were $7.90 I think.

Finally desserts, as if I could eat any more, it's a do or die.....LOL and a foodie never surrenders!!!

There was a selection of Banana Caramel Meringue cake, Lemon Tart, Choc Mars Bar cake and finally Cherry Ripe Cake and more... #faints! I went for the choc mars bar cake, as usual, my eyes were bigger than my tummy! It was a superb lunch. I couldn't recommend it enough. Thoroughly enjoyable. Perfect place! Luv luv luv The Kinross Woolshed!

Finally it was time to bid farewell to Brett and Murphy the sheep ;) and head back to Wagga.

Thursday, May 17, 2012
Kinross Woolshed
Posted by Jackie Brodin

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