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Top off your Kinross dining experience by enjoying one of our heavenly treats. Please see Display Fridge at counter and choose from our wonderful range of Cakes and Slices. All Desserts served with Vanilla Ice-Cream or Freshly Whipped Cream.

Little Tacker's Desserts

Ice Cream Sundae      $6.90
Vanilla Ice Cream served with a Chocolate Flake, choice of Topping & sprinkled with Lollies.

Banana Split      $5.90
Split Banana, Vanilla Ice Cream served with your choice of Topping, Sprinkles and/or Crushed Nuts. Choose Toppings from Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Lime, Blue Heaven & Caramel.

Ice-Cream Spiders      $5.90
Choice of Raspberry, Orange, Lemonade, Lemon & Cola with a Scoop of Ice-Cream.

Frog in the Pond      $4.90
Bowl of Jelly with a Dairy Milk Chocolate Frog and Cream.

Ice Cream      $4.90
Vanilla Ice Cream served with Topping and/or Crushed Nuts.

Milkshake      $3.90
Kiddies size Milkshake served in a choice of Chocolate, Strawberry, Lime, Banana, Blue Heaven, Vanilla & Caramel Flavours.

Beverages at the Kinross Woolshed


Hot Beverages
Cappuccino $4.40 mug $4.00 cup
Latte $4.40 Lng $4.00 Shrt
Flat White $4.40 mug $4.00 cup
Long Black $4.20  
Short Black $3.80  
Mocha $4.40 mug $4.00 cup
- Double Shot $0.70  
- Flavoured Syrup Shots $0.90  
- Soy Milk $0.70  
Baby Cino $1.00  
Hot Chocolate $4.00 mug $3.70 cup
Decadent Hot Chocolate Stick $4.50  
Pot of Tea $3.90  
Choice of English Breakfast, Green Tea, Peppermint, Earl Grey and Camomile Chai Tea (Vanilla or Spiced) $4.40 Mug $4.00 Cup
Cold Beverages
Ice-Cream Spiders $4.90  
Choice of Raspberry, Orange, Lemonade, Lemon & Cola with a Scoop of Ice-Cream
Milkshake $5.90 lge $3.90 sml
Choose from a Range of Favourites. Chocolate, Strawberry, Caramel, Lime, Banana, Blue Heaven or Vanilla.
Iced Coffee $5.50  
Iced Chocolate $5.50  
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice $4.50 lge $3.50 sml
Pineapple Juice $4.50 lge $3.50 sml
Apple Juice $4.50 lge $3.50 sml
Tomato Juice $4.50 lge $3.50 sml
Mt Franklin Spring Water 600ml $3.00  
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Weekly at the Kinross

Monday – Kids Eat Free
Tuesday – $12 Steak Night & Trivia Night
Wednesday – $12 Parmi Night & Open Mic
Thursday – Pool Competition 6pm
Friday – $4 Schooners (4-7pm)
Saturday $2 Build a Breaky (7-11am)
Sunday  Morning Breaky (9am-11am)

Winter Bistro – 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Upcoming Events


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