Little Lamby’s Kids Menu

This menu is restricted to 12 years and under, with one full purchasing adult meal you can obtain a maximum of three free kids meals from the Little Lamby’s menu. 12pm - 2pm Weekdays

All kids meals - $9.90

Mini Moo
150g Tender scotch fillet, served with potato, carrots, beans and corn. Gluten free

Swaggies Outback Snags
Grilled thin beef sausages, served with potato, carrots, corn & beans.

Chicken Little
Crumbed chicken breast strips served w/- potato chips.

Chicken Snitty
Grilled chicken schnitzel served w/- potato chips.

Finding Nemo
Battered fish fillets served w/- potato chips.

Neddies Nachos
Corn chips with tomato salsa and melted cheese. Gluten free

Pasta Bolognaise
House made beef bolognaise sauce w/- creamy pasta.


Weekly at the Kinross

Monday – $12 Pasta Night
Tuesday – $12 Steak Night
Wednesday – $12 Parmi Night
Thursday – $12 Fish & Chips
Friday – $4 Schooners (3-6pm)
Saturday $2 Build a Breaky (7-11am)
Sunday All Day Breaky (10am-3pm)

Winter Bistro – 5.30pm – 8.30pm

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